[OWASP-TESTING] Status of contributers

Shields, Larry Larry.Shields at FMR.COM
Mon Jun 27 09:24:48 EDT 2005

	The application level DoS is something I can take a shot at, and
I've not yet volunteered for anything else yet.  I should be able to
leverage some other existing work I've done on the subject.


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I'm happy to do the Application DoS once I've given you a reasonable
version of the sections on threat modelling - we can't have you
overworking :-)

Julian Harty
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> Morning all,
> Hope the weekend was good?
> Attached is the list of who is doing what, so far...
> As you can see, the main sections still with no love are:
> - Authentication (session based)
> - Application DoS
> - Access Control
> - Input validation (OS/LDAP/Debug/Null bytes/Unicode)
> - Language specific (Perl/PHP/J2EE/c)
> If no-one puts their hands up, i'll do them.
> Please remember that explanation of these techniques is paramount,
> and if you can use what ever suits your skillset to explain them all.
> Any issues, let me know
> Daniel

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