[OWASP-TESTING] timelines

Eoin Keary eoinkeary at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 23 08:54:00 EDT 2005

Hey Dan,
remember the discussion regarding the time estimation for a pen test?

Did anyone consider "Function Point Analysis" to do this.
FPA is a way to measure the size of a system. I'm no expert in this but 
maybe someone else is?

"Function Point Analysis has been proven as a reliable method for measuring 
the size of computer software. In addition to measuring output, Function 
Point Analysis is extremely useful in estimating projects, managing change 
of scope, measuring productivity, and communicating functional requirements"


>From: Daniel Cuthbert <daniel.cuthbert at owasp.org>
>To: owasp-testing at lists.sourceforge.net
>Subject: [OWASP-TESTING] timelines
>Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 11:28:17 +0100
>Sorry i should have mentioned the timelines involved here.
>Am i mad in thinking around the 15th Aug is too close?
>I reckon it will take at least 6 weeks to do the final proof/re-org  of the 
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