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I understand your will to push people to help, but I think that the lack of volunteers so far is not just a matter of "freeloaders". My perception is that there are some other issues involved, here: people that are not native english speakers, for instance, or people that feel that their technical skills are not enough to take full care of a whole section but that still are willing to help.

About me, I can provide added value on authentication, input injection and encryption sections, but because of time (and probably "language") constraints, I am not sure I can take "a real 100% lead" on any of them ;)



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I haven't put a word limit on the sections, so feel free to go as  
deep as you need to (ill be editing them to make it flow etc, so no  
worries about that)

On another note, for a list that has over 80 people subscribed, ive  
only seen 4 offers!
I will give it a week and the people who havent contacted me, will be  
removed from the list. Yes this is harsh but this isnt a freeloading  
list and it does require input from everyone on the list (work/time  
constraints are taken into consideration)

On 22 Jun 2005, at 09:47, Eoin Keary wrote:

> Dan, put me down for the code review part as discussed.
> PS. Do we have a maximum word count/size for each section.?/
> thanks,
> Eoin
>> From: Daniel Cuthbert <daniel.cuthbert at owasp.org>
>> To: owasp-testing at lists.sourceforge.net
>> Subject: [OWASP-TESTING] Next stage
>> Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 10:05:21 +0100
>> Morning all,
>> Sorry for the short break in the testing guide progress, the real   
>> world caught up with me.
>> Attached are the documents needed for the next part of the guide,  
>> and  they are:
>> Testing Guide II Structure.doc
>> This is the final TOC as we agreed and next to each section, there  
>> is  the option to add your name and your e-mail address(i.e you  
>> will be  writing this section)
>> template1.htm
>> If you could structure all your submissions using this template  
>> (you  can use any format you like, word/text/xml, as long as i can  
>> read it  on a mac!)
>> Guidelines for creating sections:
>> Plagiarism won't be accepted.
>> This testing guide should reflect the experience you all have in   
>> application testing. One of the benefits of OWASP is that the  
>> wealth  of experience from the contributors enables the reader to  
>> understand  the section they are reading, as it is presented in a  
>> well structured  format, which unlike a large amount of research  
>> papers on the web  today, isn't normally the case.
>> - Try and use examples where possible and also let other "non-  
>> security" individuals read what you have written. This ensures  
>> that  it makes sense to everyone and not just the hardcore  
>> penetration  testers out there.
>> - I understand everyone has a life and work commitments, so  
>> please  don't select loads of sections if you know you may not be  
>> able to  commit to them in the end run.
>> - Contact me if you have any issues during this next phase
>> I think we should aim to have all the sections written by mid  
>> August,  how does this sound for everyone?
>> Obviously if you feel there is a section missing from the TOC, by  
>> all  means contact me
>> Look forward to seeing the work coming in
>> Daniel Cuthbert
>> << template1.htm >>
>> << Testing_Guide_II_structure.doc >>
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