[OWASP-TESTING] Status update: 22 August

Daniel Daniel at deeper.co.za
Tue Aug 30 03:51:40 EDT 2005

Javier, apologies for missing them out, my bad :(

One of the things i did look at before we started this 2nd section  
was XML. Word is a pain in the ass to work with at the best of times,  
but i felt we needed to get content down asap.

Can the outstanding people please let us know your status?

On 29 Aug 2005, at 11:06, Javier Fernandez-Sanguino wrote:

> Daniel wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Just thought i would say a big thanks to all that have added  
>> their  sections to the finished pile, so far its looking great.
>> I've attached the outline of who said they would do what, and  
>> also  what's been completed so far (if anything is missing, please  
>> let me  know)
> I sent some sections a while back [1] but are not listed as  
> completed. This includes the sections from "Configuration  
> Management Infrastructure": "Known Web Server Vulnerabilities",  
> "Web application architecture", "Access and visibility of  
> administrative tools of web, application, etc servers.",  
> "Authentication back-ends (LDAP, DBMS, text files)". I changed the  
> title in my contribution so maybe that's why you did not see them,  
> my fault.
> As for the "Configuration Management Application" chapter, I've  
> sent all the sections except for "Permissions", "HTML and hidden  
> form fields" and "Process permissions". I wanted to review the  
> writing style of the other submissions before doing this.
> Excuse me if this was provided before, but, shouldn't we use a  
> template for all these different sections? I'm seeing contributions  
> that closely resemble the OWASP Guide and some others that don't  
> follow the same style (like mine).
> What's up with all the people that committed do some sections?  
> (some others even said that they had almost finished them). It's  
> almost one month after the deadline for a first draft and there's  
> just too many sections incomplete.
> People that contributed, listen up! Please keep up with your  
> promises and provide those sections. This resembles too much what  
> happened back in 2003 when only a few sections were written in a  
> rather ambitious effort to write the testing guide from scratch.
> In any case, Daniel, do you have a master document with all the  
> current contributions included?
> Regards
> Javier
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