Javier Fernandez-Sanguino jfernandez at germinus.com
Sat Aug 20 11:44:24 EDT 2005

Mauro Bregolin wrote:

> I'll be back with an updated version incorporating the list's feedback - 
> including Javier's stuff about old, backup and unreferenced files (BTW, 
> do we have Dafydd Studdard's permission to use that material?)

Dafydd commited that information to the project so it's under the GFDL 
license. We have permission to use that material since it's under the 
project's works.

So far nobody has asked contributors to provided a signed document 
saying that they allow the (c) to be transferred to the FSF and to 
have their contributions licensed with the same licenses that the 
documents are developed as (GFDL) but we must assume that anybody that 
contributes to this project consents to it.



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