[OWASP-TESTING] OWASP Testing, part 1 - more suggestions changes

Mark Curphey mark at curphey.com
Wed Oct 20 08:17:16 EDT 2004

Great stuff. 2 things.

1. Author credits - I know I took a list a while back but I lost it. If you
could mail Daniel your name with pointers to the sections you contributed to
(or reviewed) we can make sure everyone is credited where due.

2. Forewords - When we have a final draft, can you give me a week to collect
forewords from those suggested on page 2 ?  

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Daniel wrote:

> it just shows that no matter how much you look at a doc, there are 
> still blatant errors which the human eye overlooks.

Hi Daniel, attached are some of the improvements I suggested a while back
since I have not seen them in the document, I'm not sure if they were not
addressed because you believed them inappropiate or because I did not
explain them properly. I've also added some more information to the Appendix
section (tools and references) which might also be valuable.



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