[OWASP-TESTING] RE: OWASP Testing, part 1

Shields, Larry Larry.Shields at FMR.COM
Mon Oct 18 13:03:43 EDT 2004

I'll do my best to look at this by sometime tomorrow.  <insert standard
story about work & tight deadlines on projects, etc.>


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Lets ask Larry and others to take a look before Weds and then release

Larry, all yours ! 

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Subject: OWASP Testing, part 1


Ok ive spent more than enought time reading this now, and i feel we may
be now ready to go live.

Ive accepted some of the changes, added some stuff that needed to be
added and also updated the links at the bottom, to represent changes
within the industry.

What next?

ps.. tomorrows london meeting is gonna be busy it seems, which is good

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