Mark Curphey mark at curphey.com
Thu Nov 18 14:36:21 EST 2004

I'll start getting quotes in. I am on the road but when I get back home tomorow and over the weekend i can take care of it. How about next Friday for release date then? I will ask for quotes back before Thursday...OK ?

---- Daniel <Daniel at deeper.co.za> wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who managed to give time to edit this and get it to
> this state, i think its looking amazing and cannot wait to get it out
> there and get some feedback on all the work we have been doing.
> So what are we left with?
> - 1A
> Jeff has kindly said he will look into doing this bit
> - Quotes
> Mark can we both approach the people listed and see if they will give quotes?
> - Tools section
> I agree, i dont see the need to list nikto (ver 1 that is) and nessus.
> they arent really full application testing tools, ok they do have some
> modules, but  think we should really concentrate on the tools that are
> 100% app related. I guess the same goes to ISS's internet scanner.
> I have also removed the watchfire link
> My main reason for pushing this release so agressively is that we are way
> behind schedule. The longer we wait, the more people start to think that
> we have no ability to actually deliver on what we talk about.
> Comments welcome as usual :0)

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