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Jeff Williams jeff.williams at aspectsecurity.com
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Great progress. I have a few structural comments to offer for what they're worth.

As I read the threat modelling section, it occurred to me that it is a bit different that the "testing techniques' that it is listed as a peer with.  It seems to me that all the testing techniques rely on some understanding of the security requirements, which in turn are hopefully based on a decent understanding of the risk. Do you think it would be useful to pull out the parts of that section that are most useful during requirements gathering, and change the rest into some sort of design/architecture review?.

I found Chapter 5 - Principles of Testing to be a bit too far down in the document for me.  I like to get the principles out early and then develop them throughout.  That might just be a style issue though.

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  Updated with a half completed section on threat modeling. I will
  complete tomorrow and plough on with the other sections. 

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