[OWASP-TESTING] Revised Update Check List

Daniel Daniel at deeper.co.za
Thu Mar 11 16:36:38 EST 2004

attached is my changes again but in the new doc with tracking on

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On 11 Mar 2004, at 16:44, Calderon, Juan Carlos ((GE Commercial 
Finance, NonGE)) wrote:

> Hi you guys.
> I'm sending my thoughts in this checklist.
> BTW, Tracking changes is activated now, so you can write your own 
> comments in this document. (make sure you have your name in general 
> options of MS Word)
> kind regards
> JC
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> If you would like to make changes please dont send them to me..I end 
> up becoming the secretary and cut and paste king. Mail this list and 
> say you want to doc for 12 hours or whatever and thenmail the updated 
> doc back to the list. Thanks.
> PS I wil get onto the real deal OWASP Testing Part 1 very soon so we 
> can progress with that.
> <OWASP Web App Internet Pen Test Check List.doc>

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