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-at an official standards body (not a vendor consortium)
-is being early adopted by several major banks (inc Fidelity) as a risk
management classification scheme
-provides a risk ranking model
-includes (and will include further) classification about code level issues
with the input of people like Fortify and Ounce)
-and was TRULY derived with industry input (WAS TC inlcudes Cisco, Visa, HP,
IBM etc)
-is a subset on an xml schema that has seen a lot of interest from MITRE and
the analysts

Remember we did the ASAC over 4 years ago ! 

Better to lead than follow ;-)

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Morning all,

Has anyone had time to read their latest offering?

It seems to be going the same way as the OASIS WAS project.

I wonder if they are going to start releasing a testing guide of their own?

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