[OWASP-TESTING] Contributors Credits for Part 1

Mark Curphey mark at curphey.com
Tue Jul 27 11:38:51 EDT 2004

If you have ever contributed to the OWASP Testing Guide Part 1 and want to
be credited please speak up now. 

You should send me a mail with the contribution you made before the end of
the week so I can add your name.

If it was text please highlight it in the document. 
If it was review or discussion then please send me a mail with the link to
the mail archives.

The only reward for this work is credit and we want to make sure we give
credit where credit is due to your hard work and expertise and not credit
other people with your hard work !

Larry Shields and I have reviewed what we have so far and decided (with
advice from the tech writer) that we need to heavily edit Chapters 4, 5 and
6. As it stands this doc doesn't convey the high level message we intended.
It delves between high level and more detailed context and is contradictory
in places. That text will be great stuff for Part 2 so it wont be wasted. 

In the sole purpose of getting this out Larry and I will be meeting in
person tomorrow to get it finished.  

You will all (those who contributed) have a chance to vote for approval
before it is finally released. Well send the final copy out before the
weekend closes.


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