[OWASP-TESTING] pentest cheat sheet

Daniel Daniel at deeper.co.za
Tue Jul 13 03:15:18 EDT 2004

hey all,

I was working on the 2nd phase last night (adding all the sections that
everyone has said need to be added) and it got me thinking about the
possibility of including a cheat sheet.

The idea:
You have the OWASP pentest checklist, so why not have a document which
lists the most common things to test (dir traversal with all the various
encoding tricks/SQL injection strings/commands etc)

Does anyone use anything like this at the moment?
I have a very muddled up collection of scribbles but nothing that would
make sense to anyone and i think that this would be a worthwhile addition
to the OWASP testing guide.

Comments/examples appreciated.


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