[OWASP-TESTING] Final pentest checklist

Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at greebo.net
Mon Jul 5 08:42:30 EDT 2004

There are three list styles in common use:

* Foo;
* Blah; and
* Thingy.

* Foo
* Blah
* Thingy.

* Foo.
* Blah.
* Thingy.

The first is a formal English style, but requires the bullet items to be
coherent sentences in list form. The last is very common when bullets are
used instead of paragraphs. 

I like the middle style for its bare minimalism, particularly when the
bullets are not necessarily full sentences or paragraphs. 


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Daniel wrote:

> Thanks Andrew for the edit, this really does look like it now, so if
> everyone is happy ill do the deed and get it out?

I have to say it looks great to me. One question though, in one of the 
workflow tests it says "... should used to re-assess ..." shouldn't it 
be " should _be_ used to re-assess ....". Also, not all of the steps 
are finished with a period (only the last one), is this a style I'm 
not aware of?

Thanks for all the work!


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