[OWASP-TESTING] New subscribers to the list

Daniel daniel at deeper.co.za
Sat Jul 3 09:49:50 EDT 2004

Hey all,

Over the past 3 weeks i've added a fair amount of people to the 
owasp-testing list.
The aim of this list is not to sit back and watch a select handful of 
people do all the work, but to actively commit to helping the various 
testing projects we have going.

We have the testing guide phase two which i've recently sent out an 
updated outline of where i feel we should concentrate one, yet only the 
regulars have commented.

If you are looking at helping, please join in and offer some comments 
or help with the documents. If you are looking for the documents before 
everyone else gets them, please join webappsec at securityfocus.com and 
wait till we release them.

Any comments, let me know


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