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Here's the link:
http://www.greebo.net/OWASP  <http://www.greebo.net/OWASP Testing Project
Part One v0.8.zip> Testing Project Part One v0.8.zip 


From: Andrew van der Stock [mailto:vanderaj at greebo.net] 
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Subject: OWASP Testing Part One 0.8

Here's the latest draft. 
I've done quite a bit with editing, and filled in a many more sections. I've
referenced the two books I found as comments, but there's more to make a
complete reference.
I'm fairly unhappy with Chapter 4. It's not consistent with the rest of the
guide, and really doesn't explain the Testing Explained at all. It's
internally inconsistent, and doesn't really help people who aren't using
RUP. RUP is not mentioned elsewhere in the guide, and it repeats itself. I
would like to see a shorter chapter which essentially:

*	Intro 

*	Types of reviews 

*	Requirements Review 

*	Design / Architectural Spike Review 

*	Code Review 

*	Functional testing (ie unit testing) 

*	Penetration Testing

*	When to conduct reviews

It would be a shorter and more useful chapter after that re-write.
I think Chapter 8 should be moved closer to the front of the document.
Please go nuts.
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