[OWASP-TESTING] Testing Project phase 1, ver .7

Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at greebo.net
Fri Jul 2 07:18:06 EDT 2004


There's several differing writing styles in play, and that needs to be
reduced to one for a cohesive document.

I'm going to normalize them against third party impersonal and change the
rhetorical questions to statements. The TOC will thank us. 


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I'll be brutal, send me the version once your done and ill hack away :0)

my god, could we nearly be at a point of release?

> <Brutal editor mode>
> I'm highlighting wordy sections that add nothing to the document in light
> puke green.
> Can someone after me make an executive decision to keep, delete or re-word
> these sections?
> </Brutal editor mode>
> Andrew

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