Roelof Temmingh roelof at sensepost.com
Thu Aug 12 01:42:33 EDT 2004

Jeff,Dan & the rest of OWASP,

We havent given much thought to the licensing issue. In fact, we have
killed the link to the app for now, while we sort that out. I guess if we
are using the Nikto DB, and Nikto is GPL..then we have to be GPL as well.
I spoke to the Nikto guys at Defcon, mailed them yesterday - we will see
what they say.

The idea with Wikto was never to make money from it. On the
other hand we dont want to hand out the source just yet (for the fear that
someone will stick a logo on it and try to sell it). The spirit of the
project was that anyone could contribute (we spoke to Saumil Shah at
BlackHat to bully him into building HTTPrint into it - he kinda agree but
time scales are vague and there has not been any formal commitment), and
that contributors can get the source. If you don't want to run the tool as
you fear it has "hidden features" you don't have to. It has no such
features...but you have the right to decide for yourself.

So - bottom line - watch this space while we think about the licensing. It
won't take too long. Oh - and if you have any ideas/feelings on how to
license it - drop us an email at research at sensepost.com.


Roelof Temmingh
+ 27 12 460 0880
On Wed, 11 Aug 2004, Jeff Williams wrote:

> Looks interesting. Can you clarify the license it is offered under? All I
> could find in the docs is that it is NOT offered with source.  I'd be
> interested to know if it is free, can be used commercially, etc...  Is it
> under the GPL since Nikto is GPL?
> Thanks,
> --Jeff
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> Subject: [OWASP-TESTING] wikto
> > hey all,
> >
> > i thought this lovely tool should have a use in your toolboxes when doing
> > app tests
> >
> > http://www.sensepost.com/research/wikto/
> >
> > its pretty cool, ive been working with Roelof on testing it, and im
> impressed
> >
> > Daniel
> >
> >
> >
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