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Hi all,
I'm sorry I didn't get back to Mark in time for the email sent out last
week, I'm just now catching up with this thread.  Indeed, it seems
better to reliquish managerial control to someone who has more extra
time, and I wish it would have been me as this topic is near and dear to
my heart.  Things have not settled down as much in work and personal
life as I'd have hoped to allow a more active approach to the project.
I will continue to be involved in this group once a new project manager
comes on board, and I look forward to working with you all still.
Thanks for all your efforts to date and believing in the web app testing

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	    This idea sounds very interesting. It appears that it will
allow for easier collaboration taking the load off of the project
manager as regards to being the integrator of the document as well as
being the editor. Looking forward to seeing it when it is done.

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		Thanks for your mail and I agree that it will be a real
shame if it dies. However given its current status I am not sure that
making it more strategic to OWASP is a good idea.
		I do however have another idea that you guys may like.
It will require a small Java app (some simple jsp's) that someone will
need to write and will still need someone to step forward and manage
this project but I think its more manageable and would work well.
		The portal developers have built a tool called oFlow.
Its is not quite done but will be online in about 6 weeks. Essentially
its a document management system with full document workflow from a
browser. You can cut and paste html into a form and route it for
approval and then automatic publication on the portal. We can do many
things using it from a news blog to online editing of typos on doc
projects or web pages. It can also be used for people to submit
whitepapers and links to the portal as well.
		We could use it to allow this group to submit individual
texts on testing for specific issues which could then be pulled together
into one document at a later date. oFlow is backended by DocBook.
		If this would work and there is a new project manager in
the wings (I heard from 2 who are considering) that could assign the
tasks needed and approve or reject content then I think it maybe an
alternative way of working that is easier to get going and more
acheiveable. What do you all think ?


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