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Mark Curphey mark at curphey.com
Fri Sep 5 23:09:57 EDT 2003


It is with dissapointment that I have to say I have absolutely no idea now how to track David Endler down or what stage this project is at. I have left him voice mail and email for the last two weeks but to no avail. 

We have tried over the last 18 months to get this going and now with two significant false starts, I am not sure I have any optimism for it left and am drawing the conclusion that it maybe one we just have to put down to experience. This is of course a shame as this is much needed work and in much demand, but without a driver making it happen it will sit in this state forever and given the significant progress other projects are making it is not conclusive to good housekeeping to have an inactive project.

If there is anyone who feels they have the time, commitment, skills and motivation to take the helm and make this happen pretty quick, then please contact me within the next week. If not I am afraid to say we are going to have to delete it. 

Thanks to all of you who put effort into the project and I am personally sorry it appears to have died a slow and painful death. I will try and salvage what work was done in some way in the future.

FYI - The Guide is coming along very nicely. This too hit some sticky patches. Thanks mainly to 4 (read small group) now spending a significant amount of time on producing version 2, it will be a great read. 

Kind regards and again thanks for your efforts,

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