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Mark Curphey mark at curphey.com
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No its not an open list. Its an open source project. There is a big

This list is for people who *are* participating. Participating means
actively writing content. The web site is for people who want to consume.

There are currently lots of people abusing the OWASP name by saying they are
part of it when they never contribute.  That is not fair on the people that
put in a lot of hard work for others to unjustly get the credit. For the
last few weeks I have been talking to CSO's and analysts in America and all
are very aware of OWASP. The work has become VERY credible. The web site is
constantly flashed on plasma screens in security centers in NYC for
instance. I also sat in a Wall Street bank where the CSO tried to tell me he
started OWASP and was the man who was really making it all happen. I had
never heard of him yet alone met him.

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Mark Curphey wrote:
> Also worth noting is that oFlow should be online within the next two 
> weeks so this stuff can start to be published incrementally like the 
> OWASP columns.

Count me in for 'Cross Site Scripting.'

> Don't forget if you haven't signed up for anything by Sunday we will 
> assume you are no longer interested or don't have time and will remove 
> you from the list.

Why this? Isn't this an open list. I don't understand why people who have
contributed in the past would have to be desuscribed.



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