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Mark Curphey mark at curphey.com
Thu Oct 23 10:56:39 EDT 2003

Great stuff Penny. 

We should probably put all of those "How to Test" line items into the
sign-up sheet at some point. I forgot we already had that great list.

You and I can create a master document again that we can cut and paste the
individual write-ups into for the complete deliverable. 

I suggest we use doc for now as it will only be you and I and we can track
changes etc. We can convert if to DOcBook (which is the OWASP standard btw)
when we are done.  


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The original first section of the document has been posted into CVS on
sourceforge as well as the full table of contents from the original
document.  If you have any problems/questions about how to access the files,
please let me know and we'll get you there  (all you need is a browser to
pull down the files).

Mark has posted a good list to focus on first.  The intent is to work
towards a completed document.  However getting to the completed document may
still take a bit of time, so what we'd like to do is to get some of the
topics written up and finished off and published as individual articles as
they are also being integrated into the document.

I have also posted the full Table Of Contents (TOC) from the working
document (dated March, 2003).  If nothing in the signup list appeals to you,
take a look at this file and see if there is anything there.  This table of
contents is a few months old and as everyone knows, this industry moves so
fast that there are probably things that should be added so please post any
suggestions for additions/changes.  The TOC is a guideline only and still
not written in stone.

I also had an html version of the March 2003 document, but I seem to have
misplaced it on my laptop.  I'll post the March document by Sunday.  It has
some completed and semi completed sections which may be of use when we are

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