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Mads Rasmussen mads at opencs.com.br
Fri Oct 10 13:49:10 EDT 2003

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Hello, we have just released the first stable version of our new Open
Source Project: the Asp.Net Security Analyser (ANSA)

Asp.Net Security Analyser (ANSA) is a Open Source, Windows based, online
tool, that tests the server's security for known vulnerabilities and
mis-configurations. The tool was initially designed to allow the
protection of ISPs that provide shared hosting services. You can
download the source code, use it in your servers and distribute it to
who ever you feel appropriate.

The project's objective is to create an Open Source tool that allows
system administrators (responsible for windows based shared hosting
environments) to easily identify and solve existent security problems.

The current version is focused on identifying security vulnerabilities
such as: remote command execution, pour website isolation (i.e. the user
from website 'A' can see the data from website 'B'), disclosure of
sensitive information (such as usernames/passwords, running processes,
installed services), ability to do a server based port scan, etc..

Eventually the tool should evolve to a "Asp.Net Security Configuration
Tool" where it will also allow the SysAdmins to securely configure their

This project is currently hosted in a Workspace in GotDotNet (
<http://www.gotdotnet.com/> www.gotdotnet.com) and this is the direct
link to the project:

-8740-4b52-924e-320edf64fba5 (if this link doesn't work please visit
this page
http://www.gotdotnet.com/community/workspaces/directory.aspx and search
for 'ANSA')

Thanks for your time, and don't hesitate to contact me if you require
any further help.

Dinis Cruz
.NET Security Consultant
DDPlus ( <http://www.ddplus.net/> www.ddplus.net)

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