[OWASP-TESTING] Let's get going!!!

Penny Major Penny.Major at onx.com
Wed Oct 1 16:01:15 EDT 2003

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay in getting this underway.  It has been suggested that we may want to parcel this down into smaller components and get some relevant pieces published.  How many times have you heard about this project being mentioned with a publication date of "real soon now"?

I think it is a valid suggestion to take testing pieces as they are completed and publish them on the website as well as include them in the final document.  How does everyone feel about this?

David has provided us with a copy of Section1 of the document, which the team pretty much finished working on at the end of March.  I will be forwarding the document in a separate e-mail.  It includes the scope and introduction for the Testing document.  I would suggest that everyone read this document as it is key to how the rest of the document will be laid out.

The last "whole" document that I have been able to find was sent to this mailing list on March 18, 2003 by David Endler.  If there is a more current version of it, please share it.  Otherwise, that is what we will use as our basis.  

I've been informed that DocBook is not necessary for the format of the document and is probably a little unweildy for what we are trying to accomplish - anyone else agree with that statement? :)  In an effort to keep everything standardized, we have been asked to start with HTML as our basis with the possibility of using the new oPortal to publish.  You do not need to submit your writing in HTML format!  Use your favorite text editor and I should be able to do the conversion.  I work off a dual boot laptop and have most of the usual software (open office, microsoft office, visio, photoshop, dreamweaver, etc).  

I am also going to post the current (as of March, 2003) Table of Contents.  I have clearly marked where the section which was completed ends.  Everything below that point is up for grabs.  Some of the sections look like they might be ready for peer review others are partially completed (please, please look at the March 18th document in the archives - if have a problem getting to them, let me know).  

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