[OWASP-TESTING] back to work

Ivan Arce ivan.arce at corest.com
Tue Jan 14 20:16:37 EST 2003

Hi and welcome back David.

Speaking of travels, I am currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina
where my company's R&D labs are located.

I just got a telephone call from a journalist of a local newspaper
El Cronista Comercial http://www.cronista.com/) who asked some
questions in reference to OWASP's top ten. Somehow it the release
of the 'top ten' document got his attention and he is writing about
it and a bit about OWASP itself in their IT supplement due out next
Tuesday. It will be a small piece but none the less it just surprised
me how news travel so fast and proves that there is people all over
the world watching us and looking at the project's output.


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> Hi all,
> Sorry I was AWOL for a while, i went on an impromptu and extended trip to
> Croatia which I will be glad to explain over a beer the next time you are in
> the Washington, DC area.  The pictures are even more entertaining.  At any
> rate, I apologize for yet another delay in the publication of the document.
> In general, I've been making lots of changes with the philosophy that we
> need more method, and less technique for now in the initial draft.  I thank
> those of you who sent me updated versions of your sections based on my
> requests.
> I'd like to hand off the next version to the group with my changes for one
> more sanity check next week.  If we deem it worthy enough for a release,
> then I'm thinking end of month once all the i's are dotted.  Thanks for
> being patient through this lengthy editorial process.
> -dave
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