David Endler dendler at owasp.org
Mon Oct 21 08:55:22 EDT 2002

I apologize for the long delay since the last update.  Let me fill you in on
a few changes.  As you may have noticed, our mailing list was migrated and
consolidated to the main OWASP sourceforge site, so our new list email is
owasp-testing at lists.sourceforge.net.

The peer review stage officially starts today!  Please download a copy of
everyone's contributions to date from
7 (TestingPeerReview0.1.sxw Peer Review 0.1).

After some helpful tips from Mark Curphey, I tried to do some
experimentation with docbook conversions to see what other formats besides
HTML we could do our peer review in and then covnert back to DocBook.  I
decided on the OpenOffice format (.sxw), which can be easily converted to
XML Docbook with the following script
(http://www.chez.com/ebellot/ooo2sdbk/).  A free copy of OpenOffice is
available on many platforms (windows, linus, etc.) at
http://www.openoffice.org/dev_docs/source/1.0.1/index.html.  Please download
a copy, you'll find it has most of the same features as MS Word, even CHANGE
TRACKING!  When installing it, please make sure to configure it with your
name so that any changes you make to the document are recognizable as your
own once I merge everyone's edits.  After opening the
TestingPeerReview0.1.sxw document, go to Edit -> Changes -> Record and make
your changes.

Please focus your reviewing scrutiny on adding or modifying content, rather
than grammar and formatting.  As you'll notice, the flowcharts are not
included in this draft as not many of us submitted them.  I think in a
future draft release, we can include them, but let's focus on the test for
now.  Any empty section is fair game for adding content!!!

Lets set a deadline of November 5th for feedback. I want to be somewhat
agressive on the peer review, as there is still quite a lot of content to
fill in as you can see.  Please send your modified edits to me directly and
I'll start to merge them.

Any questions, comments, suggestions?


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