[Owasp-sydney] December Meetup - SecTalks

Norman Yue norman.yue at owasp.org
Thu Nov 20 01:40:44 UTC 2014

Hey all,

Following on the heels of the very successful SecTalks 0x01, we will be
working with Pedram/SecTalks again to bring you a most glorious SecTalks
0x02. The link to RSVP is below:


Again, this will be a presentation, followed by a CTF challenge, built by
the winners of the last challenge, as follows:

#1 Manipulating Human Minds: The Psychological Side of Social Engineering

Since security is based on trust in authenticity as well as trust in
protection, the weakest link in the security chain is often between the
keyboard and chair - we have a natural human willingness to accept someone
at his or her word. This talk will focus on the psychological and physical
involvement of social engineering, and look at manipulation and social
influencing techniques that are able to exploit the behaviour of others -
the dangerous, often overlooked aspects of social engineering. It will
examine underhanded, deceptive and abusive tactics which can convince
people to perform actions or divulge confidential information and what can
be done to prevent this.

(Thanks Christina for presenting)

#2 Challenge SYD0x02- bring your gears+3g! (no laptop => no CTF!)

Participants will be randomly divided into small groups, to work together
on testing their security skills and knowledge against a practical
challenge scenario. The winning group, who solves the challenge first or
most creatively, gets to make next month's practical challenge component.

(Thanks to the winners of last month's challenge)

Hope to see you there (with laptops) (and we'll try to organise things like
pizza in advance next time).

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