[Owasp-sydney] Hi, and other ~words~ about what we're doing at OWASP Syd!

Norman Yue norman.yue at owasp.org
Sun Jun 22 06:25:44 UTC 2014

Hey all,

As you may know, OWASP Sydney has been active this year in running small
weekly practical sessions focussed around low-level security and wargames.
We currently schedule this on meetup.com: more information can be found


During the second half of this year, we would like to expand OWASP Sydney
to be more inclusive, instead of being just a "security club", and hosting
various events and presentations to raise awareness of (nominally, web
application) security. Recently, we held a technical demo of this (thanks
Serg and Julian from OWASP Melbourne for your help, thanks Nima/
www.sirca.org.au for helping with hosting), which highlighted some
technical issues we can work on.

>From here, we intend to host a workshop-style event next month, aimed at
what OWASP was always intended to do - raising awareness of web application
security for developers. This is a work in progress, more information will
be announced on our meetup.com page as details become ironed out.

If you are interested in getting more actively involved in OWASP, whether
through helping provide content, or helping set up events, please let me
know =)

Alternatively, if you are interested in joining our weekly meetups, please
RSVP on the meetups.com page (and please bring a laptop).

Have a grand and glorious day,

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