[Owasp-sydney] ~2014~ (and January SecTalks!)

Norman Yue norman.yue at owasp.org
Sun Dec 7 01:36:51 UTC 2014

Hey all,


It's been a pretty glorious year of OWASPing, and 2014 has been one heck of
a ride.

>From the start of the year, when we had almost no activity, to now where we:

- have one small get-together a week where we work on random ~wargame~ stuff
- have one more structured monthly meetup (sectalks) with a CTF and a talk
- have almost 100 people on our meetup list
- we even have some bits and pieces on github (www.github.com/owasp-syd)

I'm really happy to see what we've done at OWASP syd.

I look forward to continuing on to even greater things next year, including
bringing in speakers from around Australia, potentially organising day-long
~events~, as well as getting back to working on group projects. Any
suggestions for cool stuff you want to do are most welcome, please let me
know :)

To wrap up the year, we're planning to have a quiet get-together at the
Assembly Bar at 6:30'ish on Wednesday the 10th. *This will be the final
OWASP session of the year, and you'd all be most welcome.*

>From there, the funtimes will resume on (provisional date) January 14th
next year - watch this space for more information as we organise it :)



PS. Thanks SIRCA (www.sirca.org.au) and Nima (nima.talebi at owasp.org) for
hosting our get-togethers this year, and thanks Pedram (cc'ed) for driving
the Sectalks bus! \o\
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