[Owasp-sydney] The Good News - Guest Lecturing at UNSW Slot Available!

Norman Yue norman.yue at owasp.org
Wed Sep 18 11:43:34 UTC 2013

Hey all,

As some of you know, one thing I've been very passionate about is working
together with educational institutions. It's students who will ultimately
be the future of our industry - and the amount of cool research ideas and
initiatives coming out of academia is nothing short of amazing.
Unfortunately, traditionally there has only been limited cooperation
between our industry and academia, mostly centered around how we can get
early access to smart people, and a few sponsorships here and there.

I believe there's a lot more opportunity for us to contribute, especially
in teaching actual practical skills to students - and in return, having
students enter our industry better informed and better prepared for the
reality of the security landscape today. (Also, "Guest Lecturer" looks
great on your CV, trust me).

So, without further ado, if you would like to give a 15-20 min presentation
at UNSW, on a security topic of your choice, with beers afterwards, please
let me know.

We are aiming for the first week of October? Everything else can be easily
set up, all we need is 15-20 mins of your time and content :)


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