[Owasp-sydney] It's alive! Huzzah!

Norman Yue norman.yue at owasp.org
Thu May 23 13:14:09 UTC 2013

Hey guys,

Thanks for all your responses! It's super encouraging to see that
OWASP-Sydney isn't dead. From here, the next steps are to find a venue, and
content - so:

- Venue-wise, there have been several very kind offers from the members of
this mailing list to help host next month's get-together - thanks guys,
I'll get in touch ~soon~.
- Content-wise, I was thinking this could be just a quiet get-together, to
put faces to names (I don't think I've met all you guys) and chill out and
talk about what we wanted to do with OWASP Sydney. That said, if anyone has
some cool research they want to show off, some new el8 tekniq to discuss or
just something interesting remotely security-related they wanted to share,
then please let me know, and we'll get something worked out :)


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