[Owasp-sydney] Thanks for coming, next meetup, etc...

Norman Yue norman.yue at owasp.org
Fri Jun 14 06:36:15 UTC 2013

Hey guys,

Thanks for coming to the last OWASP meetup, and great to meet you guys

To make things go a bit more smoothly, I'd like to get started planning the
next OWASP meetup sooner rather than later. I thought the format of the
last one was pretty decent - a presentation, and then perhaps a time of
:words:. So without further ado:

- I'd like to aim for somewhere around mid next month. Let's say at this
stage, tenatively the 17th?
- Does anyone have a topic they'd like to present on at the next OWASP
- I'd like to do a joint presentation with someone on some of the more
obscure OWASP projects - going through the OWASP project list, finding ones
that look cool but maybe don't have that much exposure, and quickly
introducing people to some, maybe having some demos (where applicable). Is
anyone interested in helping out? :D

With regards to the getting universities involved thing, I'll get the
process started ~soon~, but with the speed that universities typically move
at, let's just say we probably shouldn't expect any swift results. That
said, if you guys know people at universities who might be interested in
presenting, or are good people to start talking to from an organisation
perspective, please do let me know :)

Any other cool ideas on what to do with the next OWASP meetup, or just cool
infosec ideas in general are always appreciated!

Have an excellent weekend,


PS. http://www.meetup.com/SAGE-AU-NSW/events/118515762/ as mentioned in the
meetup :)
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