[Owasp-sydney] Hack-a-thon - Sept 25

Norman Yue norman.yue at owasp.org
Mon Aug 26 12:56:19 UTC 2013

Hey all,

Over last month, myself and Paul T have discussed different things which we
could try within the OWASP Sydney community. One by one, these initiatives
are becoming reality. The first of these is a hack-a-thon, on the 25th of
September. The idea is to go through a live website for vulnerabilities
together (over beers/misc light refreshments). This is an excellent
introduction to penetration testing for people who haven't had much
exposure to technical penetration testing before, and there will be prizes
for more experienced ~internet explorers~ for things like the most
innovative vulnerability found.

Right now, we are still hashing out the finer details, and finalizing exact
targets which we can use - but we'll take care of that. For now, it's
likely to be in the CBD somewhere, at 6pm~ish on the 25th of September.

That said, we do need to know ahead of time how many people expect to come.
Please let me know if you are free on evening of the 25th, and would be
interested in attending this event:


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