[Owasp-sydney] MITIGATE Seminar 2012 in Sydney featuring Kevin Mitnick

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Mon Feb 20 10:25:44 UTC 2012

NB: The offer outlined in this e-mail is only available until 11:59PM 
this coming Friday the 24th February 2012.

Hackers. Fraud. Disasters. Change. ROI.

As an Information Security professional, one of the most challenging 
parts of the job is explaining risks to business people.

Every year we spend time, money and effort upkeeping our knowledge, but 
sometimes forget that being able to communicate what we have learned to 
executives and managers is critical to the success of our role.

MITIGATE will be one of the most important professional development 
events you attend in 2012 - and it's being held locally in Sydney.

Pre-sale tickets to this exciting one day seminar are being made 
available exclusively to a small number of professional bodies and 
associations, including OWASP.

The first of the five MITIGATE 2012 topics is "Hackers". Interest at the 
executive level in this area increased dramatically in 2011 as the rate 
and visibility of IT system compromises was splashed across the media.

As Microsoft noted in their recent Security Intelligence Report, 44.8% 
of malicious software they analysed required a person to cause the 
infection to occur. Social engineering is the art of manipulating people 
into taking action willingly and is the most common infection method 
used by hackers.

There is no one better to explain how to mitigate against social 
engineering hacks than Kevin Mitnick, and we are proud to announce he 
will be the MITIGATE 2012 speaker for the "Hackers" topic.

Kevin's hobby as an adolescent consisted of studying methods, tactics, 
and strategies used to circumvent computer security, and to learn more 
about how computer systems and telecommunication systems work.

As the world's most famous (former) hacker, Kevin has been the subject 
of countless news and magazine articles published throughout the world 
and was recently featured on the Nine Network's "60 Minutes" in 
Australia. He is now a New York Times best-selling author. His latest 
book "Ghost in the Wires" reveals the long-awaited inside story about 
his life.

MITIGATE tickets for general admission will be priced starting from 
$660. OWASP mailing list members can purchase one of the limited 
pre-sale tickets at the significantly discounted rate of $330 by 
clicking on the following link.

To reserve your ticket at this price do not hesitate to visit:


We look forward to your attendance!

Best regards,

The MITIGATE Seminar 2012 team

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