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Security Innovation Contributes CBT Courses & Knowledgebase to OWASP
TeamMentor OWASP Edition
Security Innovation recently released TeamMentor OWASP, a new version of its flagship TeamMentor Secure Development Knowledge product, designed to help application development and security teams adopt The OWASP guidelines into their standards and processes. TeamMentor OWASP is available for free and offers hundreds of guidance assets/articles on how to design, write, and deploy Web applications securely.
eLearning Course: OWASP Top Ten: Threats & Mitigations Security Innovation also created and donated a free 90-minute computer-based training course that includes a comprehensive exam. The new course was developed as part of the OWASP Exams Project, which Security Innovation led and can be accessed for free by going to the OWASP website.

Campbell Bradford

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