[Owasp-sydney] OWASP Sydney Meet

Paul Theriault Paul.Theriault at stratsec.net
Thu Apr 21 02:25:56 EDT 2011

We were planning to hold one next week, but so far we haven't been able to get speakers (didn't get a single response to the call to the list earlier in the month, and efforts to elicit speakers since have not yet yielded anyone). I am a little at a loss of what to do next here - people are clearly keen to have a meet up, but no-one wants to volunteer to speak?

Are people just keen to catch up anyways, perhaps over a beer? Is anyone interested in doing that? Or should we wait until speakers are arranged?

We were thinking the 28th - I'm keen to catch up then if anyone else is.

What say you list?

- Paul

PS: Money where my mouth is fake edit: I recently wrote a JavaScript sandbox, based on a presentation I gave at HITB Malaysia last year. If anyone is interested in hearing about that, I am happy to give a presentation/run a workshop on web worker security. (Give it a go here: http://bawks.creativemisuse.com/ )

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I'd be interested to see a next OWASP Sydney event as well.  The couple of events end of last year were pretty good with good attendence, but recently we haven't seen any events?

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Hello All,

I was wondering if there is any OWASP Sydney meet scheduled for April, 2011?


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