[Owasp-sydney] Speaking of the next meeting...

Paul Theriault Paul.Theriault at stratsec.net
Thu Jun 10 01:30:42 EDT 2010

And speaking of the next meeting... an update on the goings on (or not-goings on... sorry AusCERT etc etc...)

I'm currently putting together some "hacking challenge" style activities for the meeting in July (tentatively 20th of July). I have a few challenge ideas already, but if anyone has any suggestions, sample code or an area that they would like to see explored, feel free to let me know. In terms of format, I was thinking of something like:

-          5:30-6:00, Get setup, chat etc

-          6:00-7:00, Get stuck into the challenges

-          7:00-7:30, Analysis of vulnerabilities/attacks, discuss potential fixes for the bugs

I know that not everyone's a pentester, so 6-7 I thought we might walk through the challenges (or at least the start of them, so as not to give the game away). That's the idea, but I'm all ears if people have suggestions/complaints/thoughts on Zenith Applied Philosophy.

As for June, I'm overseas, so hassle one of the other chapter leads to get something going ;)
Maybe someone should do a presentation on email-spoofing, and the risks associated with using email as input into your web application?


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