[Owasp-sydney] OWASP November Meeting

Chris Gatford chris at gatford.com
Tue Nov 7 17:46:23 EST 2006

Hi All,

Well no response to my email that I sent a month ago looking for  
people to talk and contribute to this planned meeting for the 8th  

So here is my suggestion that we postpone it for two weeks until 22nd  
November. The idea is that if each one of us come with something to  
discuss for 5 minutes. We will then have a reasonable amount of  
content. I would encourage people to pick an area of OWASP focus that  
they could then explain to the group.

We will also have some casual social drinks (Perhaps that might  
encourage some out of the wood work).

PS: We are still looking for a host for our sessions these are  
conducted at night and only 1.5 hours long and in the city.

Look forward to hearing from you all !!

Kind Regards
Chris Gatford

MOB: +61 402 893 988
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