[OWASP-Sydney] New chapter lead required for OWASP Sydney

Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at owasp.org
Sun Jun 25 09:52:16 EDT 2006

Hi there,

As the list has fallen silent and OWASP Sydney hasn't had a meeting  
since February, it's time for some new blood to have a go. Does  
anyone wish to have a shot at organizing OWASP Sydney?

If you think you have the time, contacts and location necessary to  
take on the duties, please e-mail me privately. I will take  
submissions until June 30 (or more likely until I get a good  
candidate :)

Just as a rough guide, it takes about 3 hours a month to look after a  
chapter. Two of the hours is a frantic panic trying to find suitable  
speakers, writing up the announcement and putting it on the Wiki. One  
hour or so is the meeting itself.

Chapter leads get kudos in the local webappsec community and  free  
OWASP individual membership, which will mean a bit more once I've  
completed the member pack :) I can give the successful candidate tips  
on how to find speakers, but you will need to have a few up your  
sleeve to allow regular monthly meetings.

Please read through the Chapter category (particularly the rules) to  
get an idea of what might be required:

Andrew van der Stock
Executive Director
OWASP Foundation
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