[OWASP-Sydney] OWASP Sydney February Meeting?

Andrew van der Stock vanderaj at greebo.net
Mon Jan 30 06:43:04 EST 2006

Hi Folks,

I really would like 2006 to be the year when the Sydney chapter gets  
going. :-)

What I suggest is that you folks talk to Chris Gatford (Cc'd), and  
organize a regular meeting place and date. I was talking with Chris  
earlier this month, and IIRC he suggested he had a probable lead on a  

If nothing has been set up for certain, why not do what OWASP Belgium  
did - it's certainly one of the best chapter startups I've seen so far:


I can forward the presentation from that meeting if you don't already  
have it.

Just to let you know that I will be in Sydney sometime during  
February, but please do not wait for me as I have zero clue if it  
will be tomorrow or during Mardi Gras (I hope so).

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