[OWASP-Sydney] So how did the monthly meeting go?

Sascha.Hess at au.ey.com Sascha.Hess at au.ey.com
Thu Feb 16 17:41:17 EST 2006

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Hi list,

it's good to read that you guys are longing for the minutes. Since Chris 
is overseas, Deirdre and I will write-up the meeting minutes. We should 
have them written-up by beginning of next  week. Have a great weekend! 



Jonathon Coombes <jon at cybersite.com.au> 
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Andrew van der Stock <vanderaj at greebo.net>
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Re: [OWASP-Sydney] So how did the monthly meeting go?

On 17/02/2006, at 2:31 AM, Andrew van der Stock wrote:

> Hi there,
> I'd really like to hear about the Sydney meeting if someone has 
> time to fill us in.

Agreed. I could not make due to a conflict with another meeting, but 
I would
be interested in details and when the next one will be held.


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