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Sat Sep 2 10:07:40 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

I’d like to invite you to our next OWASP Switzerland meeting. If you want
to attend, please makesure to register for the event through the Meetup

*On the Security of Dockless Bike Sharing Services*


Starting last year, many new bike sharing services emerged in larger Asian
cities, flooding the streets with 100 thousands of bicycles. The startups
behind these services are aggressively competing for territory and
investment, and are now also expanding to European Cities. The city of
Zurich for instance didn't even have the chance to launch their 'Publibike'
service (start announced for May 2018), they were already outrunned by
other private competitors.

The way these 'Uber for bikes' services work is quite simple: clients use
their smartphone to locate vacant bicycles. Once nearby, they can unlock
the bicycle directly from the app or by scanning a QR code. Unlike
traditional rental services, however, which require bikes to be returned to
a fixed docking station, riders are free to leave the bikes wherever their
journey ends.

The interesting part about these services is that they combine technologies
such as IoT, mobile applications, geolocation and web services, all of
which have their own attack surface. I had a closer look at two bike
sharing services in Zurich with respect to security aspects and will share
my findings with you in this session.


Antoine Neuenschwander initially worked in the development of security
products. He later joined a team of penetration testers. In his actual
position as security engineer, he is back in defense. His fields of
expertise include web application security and network security. Antoine
Neuenschwander holds a MSc degree in Computer Science from the Swiss
Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.


Tuesday, September 19th 2017



Kleinstrasse 15, Zürich


17:30 - Doors will open

18:00 - Welcome and short introduction

18:20 - Talk and Q&A

19:30 - Open


As usual, all our meetings are open to everyone and free of charge.


If you still would like to grab a bite, simply stay a little longer and we
will form up a group of hungry and discussion-friendly people. ;)

Look forward to seeing you there. :)



*Btw. Save the date*

Monday, October 16th 2017
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