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Sven Vetsch sven.vetsch at disenchant.ch
Mon Oct 12 11:39:55 UTC 2015

Hi everyone

I was informed, that not all of our mailing list members received the invitation for our next OWASP meeting taking place this week in Zurich. This was caused by problems in the OWASP mailman infrastructure. Let’s hope now everyone received this invitation (see below) and will join us.


Begin forwarded message:

Hi everyone,

I’d like to invite you to our next OWASP Switzerland meeting on October 14th 2015. If you want to attend, please make sure to register for the event with your *full name* through http://doodle.com/poll/ms9eptey6cikzzie

Space is limited to 45 attendees.

* When:

Wednesday, October 14th 2015

Starting at 18:00

Doors at 17:30

* What (presentation):

„Application Security Testing by Static Code Analysis“ by Frank Bennewitz (Swisscom)


Application security is in the focus of attention in a world where digitization is becoming one of the key business success factor and where current breaches show that companies face serious threats from professional hackers. For security professionals nowadays to secure their networks and applications there is available a broad arsenal of technologies like web application firewalls, intrusion detection systems, data leakage preventions and so forth. While these technologies assume that underlying applications might be vulnerable, we believe that we need to bring security inside our assets: The source code. This is why we at Swisscom execute security measures inside the software development pipeline as early as the first line of code has been written. Automated Application Security Testing in a white box fashion on source code level with direct feedback to the developer. Like this we are securing our applications as early as it gets in the lifecycle, much before they go into production.

* Where:

Ergon Informatik AG

Merkurstrasse 43

8032 Zurich


* Who:

As usual, all of our meetings are open to everyone and free of charge.

* Agenda

17:30         | Doors will open

18:00 – 18:15 | Update on OWASP by Sven Vetsch, OWASP Switzerland

18:20 – 19:00 | „Application Security Testing by Static Code Analysis“ by Frank Bennewitz (Swisscom)

19:15 - **:** | Dinner




Sven Vetsch

Leader OWASP Switzerland


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