[OWASP-Switzerland] OWASP Switzerland Meeting - February 19th 2014

Sven Vetsch sven.vetsch at owasp.org
Tue Jan 28 10:15:25 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,
I'd like to invite you to the first of six OWASP Switzerland meetings in 2014. Please make sure to register for the event (http://doodle.com/aa8822cp5qfkpu3z) using your full name as this is needed to access the Swisscom premisses where the meeting will take place.

* When:
Wednesday, February 19th 2014
Starting at 18:00
Doors at 17:30
* What:
S-SDLC – Ready for Clouds? (by Robert Schneider, Swisscom IT Services AG)
Intellectual Property Scan, Code Review, Vulnerability Scanning and Stress & Volume Testing
Many companies have it (somehow) and numerous are planning to implement one – a Secure Software Development Life Cycle (S-SDLC). As Swisscom is building a new Cloud, the whole S-SDLC had to be reconsidered to match the new challenges. In this presentation I would like to give you an overview of the four fundamental phases that we plan to implement in our new S-SDLC (Intellectual Property Scan, Code Review, Vulnerability Scanning and Stress & Volume Testing) as well as an idea of what these phases are meant to do. Additionally, I would like to give you an idea of what possible candidates (i.e. tools) could be of interest for you and where we see the biggest pitfalls so far. As this is a considerable topic, I hope that you bring with you many questions, answers as well as your own experiences to share with each other.
* Where:
Swisscom IT Services AG
Pfingstweidstrasse 51
CH-8005 Zürich
(https://maps.google.ch/maps?q=Pfingstweidstrasse+51+Z%C3%BCrich+8005 || http://www.swisscom.ch/content/dam/its/documents/Unternehmen/site_z%C3%BCr-pfi51_d.pdf)
Please *don't* use the main entrance. We will be waiting for you on the back side of the building (facing the train rails).
* Who:
As usual, all of our meetings are open to everyone and free of charge.
* Agenda
18:00 – 18:15 | Intro and Update on OWASP by Sven Vetsch, OWASP Switzerland
18:20 – 19:30 | S-SDLC – Ready for Clouds? by Robert Schneider, Swisscom IT Services AG
20:00 - **:** | Dinner

Best regards,

Sven Vetsch
Leader OWASP Switzerland

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