[OWASP-Switzerland] OWASP Switzerland Meeting - April 9th 2013, 18:30

Sven Vetsch sven.vetsch at owasp.org
Thu Mar 28 08:50:53 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,
I'd like to invite you to the next OWASP Switzerland Meeting, taking place on April 9th 2013, 18:30

DSwiss offered a meeting room (thanks very much :) so we will meet at:

DSwiss AG
Badenerstrasse 281
CH-8003 Zurich

To know how many people we can expect, please fill in the Doodle poll we've created. If you'd also like to join the dinner after the meeting (most likely Italian food), it's *mandatory* to register through the poll before April 8th.

So what will the content of the meeting be? I shamelessly just took the first idea submitted to our topic list (fill in your topic ideas at http://bit.ly/ZpR0lZ). In all meetings starting with this one, we'll do a short voting to decide which will be the topic for the meeting two months later.

Topic of the meeting: Tools (not) to use

All of us are probably using several OWASP and non-OWASP tools for appsec tasks. However there are almost certainly some tools which more of us use and therefore others should know about. Maybe there exist also some tools that we all heard about but never tried – but another one already did and can share his experience. In addition we might also talk about what features do you (dis)like about a tool and/or do you have some magic tricks/hints for one of the tools.

The whole thing will be done in form of an open discussion (let's give it a try and see how it works). In addition, if you can give a 5-10min presentation/demonstration about your favorite tool or a special hidden feature, please let me know in advance so we can make sure that we integrate it into the meeting.

PS: Free beer will be available ;)

Happy easter and best regards,

Sven Vetsch
Leader OWASP Switzerland

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