[Owasp-switzerland] OWASP Meetings in 2011

Sven Vetsch / Disenchant sven.vetsch at disenchant.ch
Wed Jan 5 07:04:35 EST 2011

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Hi everyone,
I've got good news for you. OWASP Switzerland will have (hopefully) 6
meetings in 2011 and we already have the dates which should be marked in
your calendar.

08. February 2011
12. April 2011
14. June 2011
09. August 2011
11. October 2011
13. December 2011

All meetings will take place in Zurich. More specific information about
the meetings will be sent to this mailing list as soon as we've got them.

You might wonder, why we've chosen this dates. The DEFCON Switzerland
will at this dates have their DEFCON BoT (Beer on Thuesday) in Zurich
and because we think it's important to bring security people in
Switzerland together, we decided to sync our events which means: In the
later afternoon, you can come to the OWASP meeting and listen to one or
two interesting talks on an application security related topic.
Afterwards we will have the possibility to get some food and a beer with
the DEFCON guys and of course they will also have the chance to join our
OWASP meetings.

Btw. yes, the dates are Microsoft patchdays ;)

Hope to see all of you at the next meetings.

Best regards,

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