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Hi everyone,
thanks to everyone who participated in our survey. Now I'd like to give
you a short overview of the results and their impact:

- - Why do you participate in OWASP meetings?
Over 50% of you said, that you're most interested in Networking. This
means, that we will try to reserve some time at the meetings to get to
know each other and talk about application security and everything else
you want.

- - What kind of presentation do you want to see?
Until now, we didn't had a focus on presentation topics but according to
your wishes, we will especially (but no exclusively) look for
presentations within the following topics:
  - Security testing
  - Secure development
  - Hacking
  - Secure Architectures

- - How many meetings per year should we offer?, What would be the optimal
time to start the OWASP meetings?, Where should the meetings take place?
You voted and we try to make it possible: 4 times a year an OWASP
Meeting with 2 presentations starting around 17:00 in Zurich. Perhaps we
will also organize one of the meetings in Bern because it seems that
quiet a lot of people would like an alternating location.

- - Are you interested in having a dinner together after the meetings?
It seems that we have to reserve a big part of a restaurant next time to
get some good food :)

- - Do you have anything else you want to tell us or any feedback?
Thanks to all your valuable feedback and the support. I think that most
of the requests in the feedback match to what we want to accomplish now
according to the survey results.

Best regards,

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