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Wed Feb 17 09:13:00 EST 2010

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Hi everyone,
hopefully all of you even remember that you subscribed to this
Mailinglist because there was no traffic for a quiet long time.

Let me invite you to the next OWASP Meeting in Switzerland :)

To get a specific date for the meeting, please vote at the Doodle voting
poll at: http://doodle.com/zuhi6tmmwuxeeq7h

The poll will be closed at the 14. March 2010.

We'll have two interesting talks at the Meeting:

Talk 1: "Usability vs. Security"
Tobias Christen, DSwiss AG (http://dswiss.ch/)

This presentation covers the topic "usable security" from basic
assumptions, to theoretical foundations and ends with an analysis of
lessons learned in the  design of a high-security consumer internet

Talk 2: "2-factor authentication for mobile devices: a secure and
practical approach"
Michael Tschannen, ZHAW (http://www.zhaw.ch/)

With the increasing need, also of private individuals, to access their
confidential data also over a mobile app, the need for strong security
controls for such application arises – in the same way as it hat years
ago in the area of web applications.  This talk covers one of the most
important parts thereof: the login process. We propose a strong and
practical two-factor authentication for smart phones that does not
negatively affect the user’s experience or usability and that provides
comparable security to "classic" two-factor authentication schemes.

The location and beer will be sponsored by DSwiss, thanks very much for
your support.

Best regards,

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