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Tobias Christen christen at avantec.ch
Tue Jan 6 11:27:43 EST 2009

Sali Sven,

Freut mich dass Du OWASP weiter treibst! Danke für Deinen Einsatz!
Wie früher erwähnt haben wir hier einen Raum der Maximal 14-20 Personen fasst je nach Bestuhlung. Auch Bier und Snacks sind vorhanden ;-)
Unser Büro ist 5 Minuten vom Bhf Wiedikon und 10 Minuten vom HB.

Falls von Interesse kann ich gerne über open security architecture (www.opensecurityarchitecture.org) erzählen.
Ab Herbst 2009 kann ich auch über Erfahrungen mit Secure Development Methoden sprechen welche wir für eine hoch-sicherheits Applikation verwenden.

Beste Grüsse und freue mich auf das nächste Meeting
- Tobias Christen

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Hi everyone,
our OWASP Local Chapter here in Switzerland is still alive, even if it doesn't look like it at the moment. I really hope, to have more time for the OWASP in 2009 but I'm also rely on your support.

Below, you'll find, what I'd like to achieve in 2009 with our local chapter. Please let me know if you've got additional ideas or feedback:

- Finding good speakers for all of our meetings. If you think you have something interesting to tell/show us or know somebody who has, just let me know.

- More educational organizations like universities should become part of us, because I think there are much opportunities on both sides.

- We really should have a "regular" meeting cycle and not what we're actually have, even if it's thought to be on a regular base.

- Getting one or more "room sponsors" who can directly reserve rooms for at least our four meetings in 2009. This could perhaps be something, where the mentioned educational organizations can help us.

- Getting some sponsors for our local chapter. We don't need companies which spend thousands of swiss francs on the OWASP but for example if one of us gives a speech at a conference in Switzerland on an OWASP related topic, we should be able to support him with for example paying the traveling costs, printing a T-Shirt or what else is needed. The OWASP Foundation also built something like a money pool, where also our local chapter should have access to but as more we can do on our own, as easier it will be to organize it.

I wish all of you merry Christmas, a happy new year and hopefully a few days of relaxing holidays :)



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