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Sven Vetsch / Disenchant wrote:
| Hi everyone,
| Dave Wichers, who's one of OWASP's board members will be speaking at the
| ~ Jazoon 2008 conference in Zurich and so he will stay in Zurich during
| the week of June 23-29. The problem he's got now is, that it seems that
| nearly every hotel he was looking at was either booked out or costs
| about $600 U.S. / night.
| This is the situation and so here are my questions to all of you:
| 1.) Does someone live in Zurich and can provide Dave with a place to
| sleep during this week.
| 2.) Does someone know a cheaper hotel or something else, where Dave
| could get a room?
| PS: Below you'll find the original mail sent by Dave.
| Regards,
| Sven
| -------- Original Message --------
| ...
| I have a favor to ask you. I'm a member of the OWASP board and the OWASP
| Conferences Chair. As part of OWASP's outreach/community program, I'm
| going to be speaking at the Jazoon 2008 conference in Zurich
| (http://jazoon.com/) during the week of June 23-29. The idea is to
| promote OWASP at other events like this Java conference.
| The problem I am having is that almost all the hotels in Zurich are
| booked during that period and those that have rooms available are
| extremely expensive. The current room we were able to find is almost
| $600 U.S. / night.
| So, would the Zurich OWASP chapter be able to either:
| 1) Help find me a place to stay at a more reasonable price, or
| 2) Find someone in the chapter who would be willing to provide me with
| a place to sleep in their home during that period? I don't need anything
| fancy, a small bed or a couch would suffice.
| ...
| Thanks, Dave
Cheap hotels in Zürich are the Accor and the Ibis:
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